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There's a book inside everyone. So what's your story?

About Us

Aly’s Books is an independent book publishing company located in the cultural hub of Melbourne, Australia. Founded by authors, the mission of Aly’s Books is to provide any writer the opportunity to have their book published. In this way, your book becomes our mission.
With a dedicated team of professionals on hand, Aly’s Books has the capacity and capability to undertake all book production requirements through a fast-tracked, affordable publishing system that keeps your work at its heart throughout the process.

How is Aly’s Books Different From Other Publishing Companies?

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your words in print and smelling the fresh-cut paper of your first book? Do you have a field of expertise or a creative message you’d like to share with others? There are many reasons people aspire to publish a book, and it has even been reported that upwards of 80% of people have a lifelong dream of writing a book. There truly is a book in almost everyone.

Aly’s Books was founded by an author who knows what it takes to have a successful book launched and published efficiently. With the benefit of her experience, she wants to help other writers achieve their dreams. With the help of Aly’s Books, publishing a book has never been easier or more rewarding. Your words are the key.
There’s no reason for you to keep waiting for that acceptance or rejection letter – take your manuscript’s fate into your own hands and set it free into the world.  Aly’s Books is here to help make your dream a reality! No book is too big or too small. We will publish fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, or guides from businesses wishing to share their expertise.

Publishing A Book with Aly’s Books: How it Works

Aly’s Books wants to make becoming a published author as quick, easy, and affordable as possible. With the dreams of writers in mind, the dedicated team at Aly’s Books has designed a one-of-a-kind system, which allows up-and-coming writers to transform themselves into published authors in a matter of a few months!
Avoid having your book release controlled by someone else ­–­ Aly’s Books gives you free rein to control your book’s success through their affordable publishing system. No matter what genre of book you are writing, the team at Aly’s Books will make your book their priority.

If you believe your book is important, then your book IS important to Aly’s Books.

For more information on how to become a published author please contact Aly on (03) 9332 3323, or via email at today.