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About Aly

Although it may seem to some that being a published author, owning your own publishing company, and raising two children might be enough to keep someone busy, Aly Walsh does all of this—and more. Aly started out working primarily in an administrator or office manager role, expanding her communication, organisation, and time management skills along the way. This refined skill set would come in handy, as Aly Walsh is now the wearer of many hats—mother, wife, entrepreneur, author, and staff member.

Aly’s employment includes the Dart Centre Asia Pacific, a not-for-profit organisation that provides resources for journalists covering traumatic or violent events, the State Government and Affiliate Finance & Property. With these three roles, Aly is exposed to both media, communications and political outlets, shaping her as a well-rounded person.

Although Aly Walsh is focused on her career objectives through her multiple employers, she also finds time for her passion for writing. Author of five books (and working on her sixth), Walsh often uses her family life as inspiration for her work as a writer. Her first book, My Mum Says “Blah Blah Blah” was followed by her work on the topic of bullying, which included several different titles under the e-series Beating the Bullies.

Aly Walsh has now extended her passion for writing to include owning her own publishing company called “Aly’s Books”. The company focuses on making publishing quick and easy for anyone who wants to see their work published. Aly enjoys spending time with her two children and husband, along with her interest in yoga and travelling. Aly Walsh hopes to continue to stay busy at her three jobs while helping other writers achieve their dream of becoming a published author. To get in touch with Aly, please contact her on (03) 9332 3323, or via email at