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Aly's Events

What Are Aly’s Events?

Looking for a family-friendly speaker for your next event? Aly Walsh, founder of Aly’s Events, greatly enjoys reading her children’s books to an audience, and would love to be invited to speak at your next occasion. Aly brings a unique perspective to any book-reading, as she blends the imaginative world of children with the educational messages of adults and care-givers. Her books are inspired by her own experiences as a child and as a mother, and allows for audiences of all ages to be whisked away into a fun and inspirational journey from cover to cover. Book-reading can provide a memorable experience for children, and can allow them to grow closer to teachers and relatives as they share their favorite parts of the story and presentation.

What Types of Events Can Become “Aly’s Events”?

There are a wide range of opportunities to create a fun atmosphere in which children can benefit from a book-reading event. The most popular Aly’s Events are at primary schools, presentations to kindergarten classrooms, and book-readings at childcare centres and libraries. Schools and libraries are traditionally places of learning and intellectually growing, and with the help of Aly’s Events, founder Aly Walsh hopes education can be more enjoyable and memorable for youngsters. Aly Walsh would love to be invited to speak at your next event! To get more information on booking, please contact today.

Past Aly's Events:

Book Fest