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Never Too Big For A Cuddle

Written by Aly Walsh & Illustrated by Jason Howe

Aly Walsh's fourth children's book, Never Too Big For A Cuddle, helps children feel confident in the knowledge that they will always be loved, no matter how big they get!

Using engaging illustrations and fun, colourful, relatable characters, by Jason Howe, Aly's book gives kids the confidence to know their parents, aunts, uncle, grandmothers, grandfathers and friends will always support them for who they are – no matter their age or size!

With a warm ending, Never Too Big For A Cuddle leaves parents and children smiling after every read. Cuddle up with this unique and heart-warming tale that brings families closer together.

Aly specialises in writing for children and helping them to understand life's difficulties. Never Too Big For a Cuddle continues this tradition by giving kids a fun-loving and warm-hearted look at affection and family bonds.

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