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Jude Perera author of "The Beast"

As a Melbourne based author specialising in short fiction and travel tales, the step up to a full novel in print form was a tough prospect. This is where Aly’s Books stepped in. Aly helped me manage the journey from Front cover to final marketing strategy. And all aspects of my book were completed with my full approval and co-operation and, she would step in to fill in any gaps which cropped up. And all the while she was just a phone call and/or text away, which was really helpful. So, thanks Aly, and the all the very best to you and your enterprise which allows new writers in Australia to strut their stuff in print. I look forward to sharing my forward journey with the “Beast”  with you.

The Beast

Gloria Gallardo-Walker author of "Ka-Lunk!"

I learned about Aly when she visited our local preschool. One of the teachers immediately gave me her info knowing that I had written a book. She stated that Aly was starting up her own publishing company.

I really liked the idea of publishing my book with an Upcoming One-Woman Show! I found that I wanted to help her achieve her publishing goal which would in turn finally get a book that I had written 10 years prior published!


After we had talked and met, I just found Aly to be inspiring, positive and full of brilliant ideas! She had the connections and means to get my little patched together book looking sleek and professional.

I also liked the fact that Aly, not only worked at her other jobs, while trying to start up her dream publishing company, but that she is also a mother, like myself and yet she can still find time to care for her family and make everyone else's dreams come true!

She has a strong work ethic and took the time to talk me through every step of the process. Aly kept giving me tips and positive reinforcement and kept pushing me forward to our end goal of holding in my hot little hands my first book that I wrote for my kids! When I saw my kids' expressions when they read their names in a real live book, I felt so proud! Thanks to Aly, putting all the pieces together and publishing 'Ka-Lunk!' for me my kids are impressed with their little 'ol mama! Despite the book being published, Aly keeps walking me through the process and keeps me going to keep putting myself and 'Ka-Lunk!' out there. Thanks to Aly's ideas my book was bought by our local library and my kids look every time we go to see if it has been checked out. 9 times out of 10 it has been checked out and my kids just light up, saying, "Someone's reading mama's book!" They are so chuffed. It makes me happy. My dreams have come true thanks to Aly and her calm, positive, reinforcing ways and brilliant tips and connections. Thanks Aly! 

Janine Ashley author of "Congo Rock"

It had been a dream of mine for over thirty years to have a children’s book published but l never knew where to start.  Then l was fortunate enough to meet Aly Walsh from ‘aly’s books’.

Aly is a warm and down to earth person who is committed to helping her clients become successful published authors.  She has made the process of having my first book published a wonderful and positive experience. Aly was always available to answer any queries l may have had and was always there to offer advice when needed.

Congo Rock

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Aly and l would highly recommend her to any potential authors wanting to have their story published. 

Susie Kliman author of "Jonthons thongs" & "One Breast, Two Breast. A unique take on breast cancer - my story"

I am currently in the process of  having my second book published by Aly, from 'Aly's Books'. Aly is extremely approachable and is happy to let you, as the author, provide as much input  into the process of  publishing your work, as you like , but will definitely provide feedback when you ask for it , or when you obviously need it! . Being able to call on your publisher and have her answer her phone to you, is not a common publisher thing!

She also has great  editors, designers and artists The book that gets published, is the book that you had in mind.

Jonothon's Thongs

One Breast

Kelly Mrocki author of "The Girl Who Saved the Frogs"

Aly's  Books helped me to transform an idea into reality.  The process to publish a book has always been a daunting one, but with Aly's help, I now know it can be an enjoyable experience.  I'm so proud of my finished book, and have Aly to thank for it.

I would highly recommend Aly's  Books to anyone looking to be a published author.