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Dallas Lyons

Dallas Lyons

Single dad Dallas Lyons is passionate about many things – kids, and the issues faced by ex service men and women being two very close to his heart. Having served with the RAAF, he knows first hand about some of those issues, as well as the realities of being away from his children for extended periods of time.

He credits kids with the inspiration to just ‘give things a go’, and is excited to be publishing his first children’s story, with many more to come, as well as a collaboration with his daughter on a book about homelessness in Australia.

About the book

The Night Guardians
Protectors From All Things Scary

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Protectors From All Things Scary

The Night Guardians - Protectors From All Things Scary is $16.95 plus shipping & handling.

Australian buyers: up to three copies

International buyers: single copies

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Did you hear that noise? Brother and sister Jorja and Bax did, and they’re scared of what it could be! Things are going to get interesting for these siblings, and a meeting with a mystical old man will change the way they see, and hear, those things that go bump in the night.

The first in a series of books from Dallas Lyons, Protectors From All Things Scary is a fantastic tale that will help little ones everywhere lose their fear of the night, and get some well-deserved and untroubled sleep!.