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Jamila Pace

Jamila has many years’ experience working with children as an early childhood educator and  mother to a young child. She is devoted to her work and values the opportunities it offers her, to contribute to children’s development.

Recently, she and the children in her Kindergarten class worked on a sustainability based project based on the notion of caring for the environment. During the course of this, they read books, planted seeds, discussed and played games on recycling. Jamila and the children wanted to pursue the environmental theme further, but couldn’t find the perfect Australian storybook to help. The solution to this problem turned out to be obvious – write your own book which is exactly what Jamila did and after trying it out on her own family and her Kindergarten group and tweaking it a little, she produced the book she’d been looking for – a dream come true.

When not engaged in making her literary dreams come true, Jamila loves developing her skills as an early childhood teacher, story-telling, music, reading and cookery with children and most importantly spending time with her family.

Caitlin Phillips

Caitlin Phillips

Caitlin lives in inner-city Melbourne and is studying a Bachelor of Environments at the University of Melbourne. She is majoring in Environmental Politics, Geographies and Culture and is particularly interested in sustainable development and environmental conservation. 

Caitlin was very interested in art and design from a young age, and continues to follow this passion, taking extra art classes at uni, drawing and painting in her spare time and taking as many opportunities as she can to visit famous galleries around the world.

Each year Caitlin enjoys holidaying with her family in Skenes Creek on the Great Ocean Road, where the sea meets the beautiful Otway Rainforest.

About the book

Our Magical Rainbow Tree
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Rainbow Tree

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Ruby has moved to a new home in the Daintree Forest where she discovers a very special and rather beautiful plant, a Rainbow Tree.  She is very excited that her cousin Charlie is coming to visit.  She knows he will love Our Magical Rainbow Tree too.

Ruby and Charlie love the different colours on the tree and slowly, day by day, they begin to pick them and take them home.  After a while they see the damage they have caused and this makes them very sad. They had not meant to destroy the most beautiful tree they’d ever seen.

Ruby and Charlie resolve to care and love to bring the tree back to life.