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Kelly Mrocki

Kelly Mrocki

Mother of two Kelly Mrocki spent her childhood years growing up in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, sparking a life-long love for nature that she shares with her caring and environmentally conscious children.

After a visit to Healesville Sanctuary, Kelly’s children were upset to learn that so many animals were perilously near extinction. They wanted to help, but didn’t know where to start. Kelly took initiative, and decided that her children could each choose an animal to research and represent. Her daughter Charlie chose frogs, and her son Josh chose majestic whales. Together they have done many things to help their chosen animals. To acknowledge the wonderful things that her son has done in his quest to raise awareness about whaling and ocean conservation, Kelly decided to write a book, hoping it may inspire other children and show them that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a big difference in this world.

In addition to her love of nature and dedication to her family, Kelly has always enjoyed drawing and painting. She dabbles with different media on her easel at home, and especially loves painting birds and other wildlife. In her free time, she loves playing the guitar and camping with her husband and family. Kelly has started illustrating for other children’s books, so be sure to keep a look out for her next projects.

Josh Mrocki

When Josh was just six years old, he asked if he could start his own petition against whaling to send to the Prime Minister. He managed to get over 300 signatures by door knocking and gaining support at school. His response from Julia Gillard at the time was very exciting. Josh has signed many more petitions for both Australia and Japan. Over the years, Josh has donated food to the Sea Shepherd volunteer crew which he purchased with his own birthday money, and has attended rallies at the Melbourne Town Hall to help create awareness. More recently Josh has raised funds by selling fruit kebabs at school as well as playing keyboard at a local community festival.

About the book

The Boy Who Saved the Whales

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Having a pet is a wonderful thing, but what happens when your pet comes from the depths of the ocean, and doesn’t really like living in the bathtub? The hero of the story, Josh, finds out first hand what happens when you take something wild and try to keep it in captivity, but will he do the right thing in the end?

This is the second title from author Kelly Mrocki, following on from her wonderful work in The Girl Who Saved the Frogs. Inspired by her son and his involvement with the Sea Shepherd, this is a story that shows us all that wild animals of the earth and oceans aren’t here for us to play with.

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